Spyware Removal Toolkit

Spyware Removal Toolkit 6.5

Spyware Removal Toolkit is an award-winning Windows antispyware program
6.5.1 (See all)
SpywareRemovalToolkit.com, Inc.

Spyware Removal Toolkit is an award-winning antispyware program for securing your PC against computer security threats, online activity treats, and other possible threats. If you notice that your computer 'freezes' frequently, programs start running slowly, or if your computer works slower than normal at performing routine tasks, your computer may be infected with spyware or other malicious software.

Spyware Removal Toolkit, applying the advanced Online Scan engine integrated with the traditional local scan engine, makes spyware detection most effective and thorough. Along with the spyware removal technology, Spyware Removal Toolkit can secure your computer.

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